Let’s Meat Steakhouse, ``A steakhouse and local Italian eatery.``

Let’s Meat Steakhouse was established in 2018 by Gabe Centrella, George Kapigian and Bob Hay. The vision was to create a unique steakhouse experience that can provide the rich tradition of a classic steakhouse, serving the finest USDA Prime dry-aged steaks, premium seafood, Italian specialties, and other unique flavors from around the world to our guests in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. To accomplish this, we have assembled an outstanding staff and use only the finest ingredients and food products.

Restaurant Hours:

Sunday – Saturday: 4pm – 10pm
Monday: Closed


What Is Dry-Aged Beef?

What is Dry-Aged Beef?

Only the finest restaurants in the United States serve steaks with the flavor optimized through special aging processes. Dry Aged Beef is not typically sold in supermarkets due to the time and expenses involved in the dry aging process. The process of dry aging meat goes back to around the 1950s when butchers discovered curing meat through the dry aging process created a more tender and tasty steak. The process allows enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavor. The flavor of the meat matures with the aging process to produce a richer flavor which intensifies as the meat continues to age until the optimal aging has been reached. Only high quality cuts of beef are used in the dry aging process. The beef cuts must be cut thick enough with adequate marbling to handle the rigorous aging process and maintain enough body mass to produce a thick juicy steak. Via Steak University